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This website is a fascinating source of information to learn more about both Snowflake Farms and the Rabbitry.  Check back often or visit / / / / /

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Provided by Snowflake Farms, this website is a wonderful resource to learn more about the Snowflake Farms Rabbitry and Gardener's Corner. Gardener's Corner is an informational resource provided by for your enjoyment. Just as there are many different types of people, there are many different ways to garden. There's a ton of reference material available, however, not everyone is into studying. Sometimes, learning by doing is half the fun ... be adventurous, try new gardening ideas and see what works best in your own ecostructure ... before you know it, you may have changed your own environment! Our goal is to try to condense some of the available information and make gardening fun for you. If you like what you find there and it works well for you, that's fantastic! ... tell other's about your great resource. If you find some great info that we've missed ... send us an email and let us know.

For those interested in hearing stories, filled with daily blessings, visit and see what touches the heart. Use the contact form and share a story with us.

Source: The Independent Traveler, Inc., 2013

We would love to have you visit some of our other websites for your enjoyment. Please stop by often and tell others about Snowflake Farms and the other things that you have found here.

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Source: Harris, 2010

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